The Evolving Role of Social Media in Ecommerce

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The role of social media in ecommerce is becoming increasingly important, and brands can’t afford to ignore it. Facebook, for example, has a new feature whereby companies can target users based on age, location, or preferences.

Leveraging existing audiences

Leveraging existing audiences in social media is one of the fastest growing forms of online sales. It differs from ecommerce sites that are stand-alone. With social media, businesses can create links that direct people to their online stores. Social media sites have the largest user bases, and are often used by brands and businesses looking to boost sales.

Selling directly to customers

Brands have tried for years to develop effective strategies for selling directly to customers via social media. For example, the retail apparel company J. Crew has made good use of social media to turn around sagging retail sales. Among its latest efforts is a promotional social campaign for its pink sunglasses line.


Ecommerce businesses are now increasingly turning to social media for increased traffic and sales. In addition to promoting products, social media allows retailers to learn what consumers want and what they don’t.



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