I did 50 oblique crunches a day for a week — here’s what happened to my abs

4 min readAug 10, 2022


Toned six pack abs. This is the key point for you to show off your impressive body. If you think all training is about making sure your breasts are big enough for your shirt to stick out from your belly, you’re missing out. The opaque abs are great abs.

How do you get ripped abs?

It’s about diet, cardio and abs routine. I’ll teach you how to burn your abs with this killer abs routine and stay on your hiking diet .

First of all, if you don’t work your abs, start. This will be the first stage of the ab routine for beginners! Three sets of crunches with 20 reps each. If that’s not a problem, layer each class of crunches with a series of hip rolls, then rest for a short 30 seconds for the burn to subside a bit.

For hip shoulders, lie on the floor, push up with your hands and lift your pelvis off the floor so that the tailbone rises and contracts the abs!
The final step in the beginner’s ab routine is to add bridges or “boards” as some fitness “experts” have invented them. This is basically a push-up position, but without your hands, you put your forearms and hold for 30–60 seconds. Don’t let your lower back sag! Maintain a slightly inverted C position as if trying to pull your hips toward your chin.

So here is the ab routine once you do all the exercises together.

Beginner’s Muscle Workout Stage 1: Bump x20 Swing hips x20 for 30–60 seconds Rest and repeat for 3 circuits or keep rolling! Okay, easy stuff, we’re here for serious abs, killer abs.

Habit 2: Killer ab! I love animal names. This ab routine will be done entirely on the layoff bench.

The first abs exercise? Reduce hip roll/leg lift. Beauty!

Step 1: Place your head in your foothold

Step 2: Get a bench or footrest; whichever is most comfortable (won’t matter in a few minutes)

Step 3: Straighten and perform a straight leg lift.

Step 4: When the leg lifts to the climax, turn it into a hip rotation so that your feet are facing the ceiling. Hold the count to three and go back!

Ab Procedure 2: Tilt Abs:

Step 1: Place your foot in the foot wedge (you rolled over!)

Step 3: Come back if you’re still with me!

Third Ab:Russian Tilt (sounds bad, doesn’t it?)

Step 1: Don’t come out of your sitting position. Just grab a pill ball or a 10-pound ball.

Step 2: Fully extend your arms forward and lower yourself to the bottom tilt position. Sit down and hold it.

Step 3: Rotate to the right 90 degrees with arms extended, then back to the left 90 degrees. He is a representative. You don’t come out of the bottom at all! Fun huh?

Here’s the usual setup:

Leg Lift / Hip Roll x20

Tilt Abs x20

Russian Twist x20 or 0 if you count both sides! Do not rest between abdominal exercises and rest only 30–60 seconds after completing the third set.

Third sit-down routine:

And grandpa’s hardest sit-down routine? For mortals? Because I miss something about Homer Simpson and a cannonball, but I think you have to have access to an apple sauce counter for this abs routine to work!

Well, let’s call it “heart commando ab destruction” training. I have to have a fancy name on it or you won’t be interested! Here’s a per-stretching, contracting, and stabilizing exercise (I’ve only just done it, but you get it). Here are the daily ab exercises.

- Smith machine, Swiss ball roll

2.Partner against the cracks of the Swiss ball

3.Roll the Swiss ball Sweat and pinch the belly.

Abdominal Workout 1: Smith Machine Swiss Ball Hip Rolls:

- Place the barbell low in the smith machine, just below the top of the Swiss ball.

2. Sit on the ball and roll over so you have to reach back and grab the bar as you lie on the ball. You should stay about 2–3 feet out, stabilize yourself by holding the bar and flexing everything!

3. Using only your abs, stretch your pelvis as low as possible, then perform hip rotation. Straight legs are the hardest. Exercise
Ab Routine 2: Partner against the squeak of the Swiss ball.

This is a typical Swiss crunch, but with your arms crossed in front of your chest and your “friend” pressing down on your shoulders for resistance. That’s it, .. um.

Ab exercise 3: Swiss roll ball.

Kneel on the mat with your legs crossed and the ball in front of you, not on the mat.

Your hand is on the ball, now it looks like you are praying.

Roll the ball until it is as straight as a board with the tip between your arms and bring it back in.

Excessive sweating and stomach compression. It will come naturally.

In a six pack ab routine all together?

1. Smith Machine / Swiss Ball Hip Roll x20
2. Anti-Crushes Partner Swiss Ball x20
3. Swiss Ball Rollx20

Rest 30–60 seconds after each three-set circuit, or continue to the end if you are a natural or slightly unenthusiastic “emotional”. I have never scored 20 in all ab exercises on all three sets in a continuous circuit; let me know if you do!

I’ll have to fasten my seat belt!




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