Augmented Reality Transforms How We Shop

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Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that lets consumers experience a product or service virtually and in real-time in their home. Companies such as Topshop have created AR kiosks in their retail stores that let consumers try on clothes virtually, change the colors of a dress with hand gestures and even uplift others around them.


The Ikea Place app is a new way to shop at the Swedish furniture giant. It allows users to view 3-D renderings of over 2,000 items and make a reservation to purchase them. The app also lets users purchase products through the company’s website. At launch, the app offers 2,000 products, including large living room furniture and storage solutions. More products are planned for the future.


Augmented Reality (AR) is already changing the way we shop. Brands such as Starbucks are experimenting with AR to make their brands more appealing to customers. For example, the company has used AR to create a holiday promotion. Customers can use their smartphones to point at a Starbucks holiday cup, which will show them special effects. Afterwards, they can share their images on social media.

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Augmented Reality (AR) is a powerful tool for ecommerce retailers. Using AR technology, customers can view thousands of different products in a virtual environment. This technology helps them to put these items in context, making the shopping experience more interactive and immersive.


NexTech is a company that’s reinventing retail with augmented reality. Their technology allows retailers to recognize a consumer’s face and present on-screen prompts based on their emotions. The company is currently working with a number of brands to bring AR to their stores and websites.



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