12 New Ways To Use E-learning For Customer Acquisition And Retention, Part 1

2 min readFeb 18, 2022


12 New Ways To Use E-learning For Customer Acquisition And Retention. Customer acquisition and retention are important issues for any business today. A simple definition of “customer acquisition” is acquiring new customers and/or converting potential customers into customers.

“Customer retention” is the process of sustaining, sustaining, and/or growing the relationship your customers have with your business and its products and services.

These activities become more engaged for business-to-business, value-added, manufacturing, and technology companies that create and distribute complex products and services that require product-specific training and knowledge to effectively use the product or service. Using e-learning.

which is a learning management system to provide online training and support for complex products and services, has several advantages.

Customer Acquisition Uses of Web Based Learning Management Systems (LMS)

1) Educate potential customers about their products and services. One of the benefits of using e-learning to provide product training and support is that the web-based LMS becomes an effective way to educate a potential customer about your products and services.

Sales cycles for complex products and services can take anywhere from three to eighteen months or more to complete the sale .

In situations of sales of business , several people at many levels must evaluate the product and must be educated on the products of your business before making a decision.

A web-based LMS used to provide product training and support is a great resource and knowledge base for the sales team, resellers, and partners. They can provide support to vendors, resellers and partners who may not have the same level of understanding of your products as your field technicians.

Your sales executives, resellers and partners will feel more confident to offer your products and services with a good library of training and help available 247 on the web.

4) Grow your number of new sellers faster and keep them on the road. An e-learning system can be used to train your sales force on your company’s products and services.

New sellers can scale faster and start selling your products and services in less time.With this system, they should not waste the road time to update on the latest features and features.This data can be used for research and development, to plan product initiatives, to gain insights into repositioning and other tactical and strategic initiatives.

7) Promote your products and services to prospects using the capabilities of the web-based learning management system. Once a prospect’s information has been uploaded to the LMS, you can use the system’s features and functionality to promote your products and services .

For example, an integrated online survey tool allows you to send surveys to your prospects with the data saved in the learning management system.

The email features of a web-based LMS allow you to send email marketing campaigns to your prospects. Sales and marketing can use the learning management system to host “webinars” using its built-in web conferencing technology.The web conference can be archived and used in futures contracts.




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